Our mission is to Innovate and Modernize. And it applies to both our consulting and development services. Our goal is to constnatly create value for our clients.

What is the key in creating value? Its our years of experience with strategic planning with numerous organizations - of various sizes, different domains, and varying business models. We encourage and invest at the core level of goals and objectives, be it on the business side, the operations, the technology, or financial. Very often organizations lose focus on fundamental issues while being challenged with operational and other factors such as mandates, competition, market conditions, and more. This is where we create a significant value with our strategic planning abilities. The main goal of this approach is to create an organization that can scale, adapt, or divert based on the internal and external influences. Our Strategy and Architecture service is primarily designed to deliver this approach.

Our key set of deliverables to deliver this approach contains the “Integrated Assessment and Strategic Roadmap” which provides the current state of healthcare from various perspectives such as processes, clinical, and technological to name a few. It also describes the vision to transforming the healthcare system in line with select business goals. The set of deliverables for this roadmap is typically produced after the initial assessment of the organization from all perspectives by our strategy experts and business SMEs and often forms the base for future deliverables.

The assessment and strategic roadmap typically addresses following high-level areas (the example shown here for a healthcare payer):

  • Current State Assessment: A thorough analysis of goals, objectives, application portfolio, business processes, care delivery networks and all other aspects of the organization.
  • Business Architecture and Application Portfolio: Core business processes with their dependencies, portfolio of business and technology applications along with configuration management specifications, and relevant mappings.
  • System Delivery Processes: Internal processes for the delivery of business concepts and applications, software lifecycle and governance
  • Conceptualization Of Critical Programs such as
    • Patient 360° View: Our take on integration of patient data for making important decisions in care delivery
    • Healthcare Exchanges: A plan and architecture for health information exchanges (HIE) to exchange patient data across all boundaries and health insurance exchanges (HIX) to provision health insurance to all strata population
    • Population Health Management Solutions: Objectives and high-level design of a system for population stratification based on predictive modeling in order to assess impact of clinical initiatives on population health.
    • Health Services: Process Improvement and Information Systems Design for areas such as Care Management, Medical Management, Utilization Management, Wellness Programs, etc.
    • ACO Enablement and Infrastructure: Roadmap to create accountable care organization and supporting infrastructure.
    • Data Science: To apply data science methods to identify hidden intelligence and applying it to predict trends and patterns for business growth
    • Third Party Products: Define business cases and solution roadmaps to incorporate value-added third party products when necessary.
  • Healthcare Integration Strategy: An integration architecture blueprint for integrating various systems to provide a 360° patient data based on leading healthcare and technology standards.
  • Big Data Strategy: Big Data based data architecture, Data Lake approach to data extraction and facilitation, Actionable Analytics and Hadoop Ecosystem knowhow. It includes providing deeper and broader visibility into the organization for operational excellence, improvements, optimization and new opportunities.
  • Cloud Enablement: Cloud Platform Architecture, Application Architecture for cloud based deployment, Cloud Migration and Planning, and Healthcare specific considerations for cloud deployments. Integration framework for Cloud and owned data-centers.
  • Compliance Readiness: An important requirement of HITECH, we evaluate every program from the compliance perspective and work with your organization to prepare for adherence.