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who we are

  • Expert think-tank with years of experience transforming businesses
  • Technology specialists that understand business drivers and operational challenges
  • Forward thinking architects constantly solving business issues using innovative methods
  • Product design and dvelopment enthusiasts that know how to market concepts



  • Healthcare

    Leading the way to patient-centric and value-based healthcare, and building ACOs and Exchanges.

  • Finance

    Advanced banking and insurance infrastructures supporting consumerism, mobility, and resiliency.

  • Concept Development

    We will help transform your concept into a business, including funding and support.

  • Consulting

    Our innovative model comes with resources backed by our expert think-tank, backed by accountability and assurance.

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Axiom offers expertise in multiple technological, process, and subject domains. More importantly, our think tank reaches to your via our professional services in order to apply best practices, proven solutions and governance. This is what makes us your accountable partners

  • Strategy Services

    Enable tremendous support for growth, business agility and operational excellence from our strategy services. Augment it with the architecture driven initiatives to realize sustained capabilities across the spectrum.

  • Technology Services

    Choosing right set of technology and applying it correctly are your path to successful implementation. Our experts and partners will take the stress out of the equation for you.

  • Staff Augmentation

    Most business transformation initiatives require resources with multi-dimensional skill-set. But it also requires wider context that is unique to our model. Let our think-tank support your staff augmentation ... making us an accountable partner.

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An all-mobile disruptive lending marketplace solution for auto loans.

Data Intelligence Framework

A cloud-based solution to address data risks.

Consumer 360°

  • Advanced data aggregation methods to building The 360° view of patients, members, and consumers
  • Building innovative products in healthcare, finance, and social space

Business Transformation

  • Clinical data migration
  • Core platforms (claims, enrollment, billing, etc)
  • Infrastructure - Lotus Notes to SharePoint, Cloud enablement



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Greg McKibben


The team did a spectacular job from spec'ing out the platform, to development, through going live and after dev support. Their ability to understand the needs and take the vision into a live product is unique and very well executed.

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